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Constitution Part of Council

West Bengal Dental Council is a Statutory Body constituted by the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal w.e.f. 1st January, 1951 in terms of notification No.Medl/6027/2D-54/50 dated 29th December, 1950 and regulated by the Dental Council of India under Section 21 of the Dentist Act, 1948 (XVI of 1948) of the Govt. of India. The Council is administered by a Committee constituted for a tenure of 5 years consisting the following members :

(a) Four members elected from among themselves by dentists registered in Part A of the State Register;

(b) Four members elected from among themselves by dentists registered in Part B of the State Register;

(c) The heads of the dental colleges, if any, in the State which train students for any of the recognized dental qualifications included in Part I of the Schedule, ex officio;

(d) One member elected from amongst themselves by the members of the Medical Council or the Council of Medical Registration of the State, as the case may be;

(e) Three members nominated by the State Government; and

(f) The Chief Medical Officer of the State, by whatever name called, ex officio;

The function of the State Council includes recognition and registration of Dental Surgeons having prescribed qualifications. It also prescribes the syllabus for different degree courses and training in Dentistry and formulates the principal guidelines for promotion of dentistry in India under the direction of the Dental Council of India. The State Council has maintained the Register of Dentists in two Parts, viz. Part-A (the dentists having recognized dental qualification) and Part B (the dentists having only professional experience for a certain period). Even the State Council has also maintained the Register of Dental Hygienist and Dental Mechanics (as per regulations makes by Dental Council of India). More important part of the function of the State Council are the Prohibition of dental practice by unregistered persons, strict maintenance of ethical standard by all registered dental practitioners, taken action for unethical conduct by the dentists in West Bengal.

The State Council is financed by grants from the Govt. of West Bengal, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Department of Health). And the other sources of income of State Council are the Original Registration fees & the Annual Renewal fees realized from the Dentists after deducting 1/4th share of the total fees realized from the Dentists payable to the Dental Council of India u/s 53 of this Act in every year.

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